A Day in the Life of Regenerate Sept 2022
October 18, 2022
Props for Mentoring sessions

Term 1, September 2022

We’ve got two assemblies booked in for this morning, first a nice early start at St Mary’s Primary. It’s a big encouragement to see the smiles as children file in to the hall and realize it’s Regenerate! We begin with some deep breaths, and then a question to think about- how strong are you? I show my really strong rubber ball which just keeps bouncing back, no matter what I do to it. Deborah’s animated retelling of David and Goliath ends with Goliath (Deborah) collapsing- much to the delight of the children! We wonder together about what made David so strong and what can help us to keep going and not give up. Some of the children’s responses are that they believe David was strong in his soul and that they can ask God for help. They also comment on the importance of taking a break and getting encouragement from friends.

In between assemblies a quick stop at the office gives a chance to catch up on emails, bookings are coming in from schools for our Christmas Wonder Space.

At Woodlands Primary a child reflects that David kept trying, he was strong inside. Another child shares that she can ask her friend for help and take some deep breaths. Affirmations have been a fun feature of our last few assemblies and today we ask the children to tell the person next to them that they are strong and that they can do it!

Back at the office it’s time to gather resources and prepare for an afternoon of student mentoring. A game of battleships and an Autumn craft have been requested. An afternoon at Tyndale is an opportunity to meet lots of staff and children in between the three mentoring sessions. This is precious time with laughter, listening and lots of Uno!