We usually visit school assemblies termly to lead collective worship.

“Our children really relate to Regenerate because of fun, meaningful assemblies” Primary school teacher

You Are Strong! Term 1 September and October 2022 

Our Message David believed that God gave him the strength to face Goliath.  We can encourage each other to keep going.

Our Text   1 Samuel 17, Psalm 59 verse 9

Our Prayer Thank you God that you know about the challenges and hard things we have to do. Please give us your strength to keep going.  When life is hard please help us to remember that we are strong people. Amen.


Our assembly prop! The rubber ball which just keeps bouncing back, even when we squash it, say it’s not a good ball or throw it away! It is small but very strong. We talk about the things which can squash us and the things which make us strong.

Assembly Themes 

Term 1 2021 Thankfulness

Term 2 2021 Christmas Light

Term 3 2022 Hope

Term 4 2022 Easter- Jesus in the Mess

Term 5 2022 You Are Important

Term 6 2022 You Are Amazing


Term 1 2022 You Are Strong


British Values 

Regenerate has been asked how British Values teaching can be linked to Christianity. We have produced a document which gives some useful biblical references and links